Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is also known as E marketing, Online marketing or web marketing. They actually get your brand name out open to the public with the help of predefined strategies and let people aware of what services you offer, it is basically a set of methodologies to gain clients from the internet by advertising your business at a higher level. Online marketing adds a plus point to the traditional way of doing business and gain more clients. In E marketing with the help of latest tools & technologies a catching message, email, product description or services info is delivered to the targeted audience. Through this way people get awareness about your business or services you offer at large scale.

The primary stress is laid down onto attract the visitors to our online store and convert them into clients. Main methodologies currently are being exercising are social media marketing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), online directories, online advertisements, viral marketing, mobile phone marketing and so on. The objective is to promote the business and attract the clients even from offshore.

Now that you are aware of what actually internet marketing is, let me lay down a few pros of it.

The Pros of Custom Website

The Pros of Custom Website Design For a Small Business

In this age of smartphones and super powerful computers people want everything easily accessible traditional way of doing shopping is vanishing off day by day, people are more tending to buy products online in the comfort of their couch. That is the reason why, if you are the owner of a business either big or small your online presence is highly important to meet the new age customer’s requirements.

Having a user friendly and compatible website will always put you on the positive side because what looks good, seems genuine. It’s human nature that what appears beautiful and effective to eyes feels appropriate to the brain. In present market, you need to have an intelligently designed website which will make people aware of your services & brand name plus you it should also help you in focusing on targeted visitors which could be turned into potential clients.

Here in this post I will cover the legitimate benefits of custom designed websites for your small business.

Designed According To Your Requirements

Custom designed websites not only looks according to your needs, but works too. Unlike pre-build website templates, custom designed websites are specifically designed according to your business needs. Here you can design how your online store will appear to clients and how it should work. From website color to its graphics, layout, everything is designed according to your business sphere. In simple words, your website will present your business.

Uniqueness In Design

Custom designed website

is truly unmatched, your competitors will never be able to match the level of you’re your website personality because each and every aspect of your online store will be explicitly designed according to your choice and need. Shining away from the crowd will let your brand known among people interested in experiencing your services.

Search Engine Optimized

We all are aware of the Importance of SEO in the present online market if you are not aware of it you can read more at Why SEO is Important For Your Business. Over 80% of traffic comes from search engines and SEO plays a vital role in your business success custom made designs allows the website to be user friendly and significantly appropriate for implying SEO methodologies so that you get higher rankings in search engines which causes an increase in sales.

Flexible For New Age Modifications

Custom website design is highly resilient in nature which makes it an advantage for your fast growing business. Any changes or modifications like introducing social networking plug-ins or E commerce tools becomes quite easy and snappy. The designer doesn’t need to change the whole website structure for minor customization.

Easy To Maintain

Custom web design allows the owner of the website to make changes from one panel, it is quick, simple and easy to maintain. Even a person with little or no technical knowledge can maintain the custom web design.
Although yes, i truly agree with the fact that custom web design do cost a bit more than the pre-built- templates, but we should not ignore the fact that it provides fast growth and long term ROI.

Responsive Website Design

How A Responsive Website Design Plays A Vital Role In Website’s Success

In this present fast changing world everything needs to be flexible and modern updated to be worthwhile in the hands of nextgen. Like in previous days internet is not only used for exchanging information anymore, nowadays World Wide Web has become a giant source of gaining potential customers for your online store or business. In order to meet new generation’s new and smart needs companies are making sophisticated changes in their technologies to concur their spheres as fast as possible. So there is no point for you to lack behind and do business in old classic methods.

What is a responsive website?

A good responsive website is able to adapt the screen resolution setting and adjust the font & text automatically, no matter on what device it is opened on. A responsive website should be attractive, lightweight, glitch free and fast loading because nobody likes to wait. A good responsive website’s smooth working factor doesn’t get affected by any screen size or resolution. They say a picture is equal to thousand words so have a look at it.

It’s just a waste of time, I don’t need it!

If you are the owner of a business website and you are thinking “There is no need to modify my website for making it responsive and stuff” then you are making a huge mistake and letting your competitors taking away your customer that’s right you read it right YOUR CUSTOMERS.
It is a proven fact that new smart handheld devices will soon overcome desktops and laptops. Have a glimpse of a few facts that will blow your mind

v  More than 20% of Google searches are being performed on a mobile device.

v  In the year 2012 50% of the search engines were accessed on mobile devices.

v  Right now 30% of American internet users access the World Wide Web on their tablets & Smartphones.

v  In all over the world, 25.85% of all emails are currently opened on mobile phones, and 10.16% are opened on tablets.

All of above words prove that in order to gain new heights in your business sphere getting a responsive website is highly mandatory.
So if your website is not responsive in nature, then you are losing lots of positive customers every day, you might have lost a bit of goodwill of your business website also, how? Read further I will explain it below.

What Are The Benefits Of A Responsive Website?

A good responsive website not only benefits your website visitors, but also you too! A good, reliable, responsive website can change the interested visitor into a potential customer. Whenever a user opens your website on his Smartphone and website is not responsive to the handheld devices he will likely to be frustrated and never come back to your website no matter how good products & services you offer. That is how your competitor takes benefit of your lacking in the website.
Curious! How your website is working right now? Fortunately Google has created a tool to check the status of website click here to see
A user friendly and responsive website implies great effect on search engines, Googlebot does consider the bounce rate of a website in ranking factor. If the user is getting frustrated because your website is slow or not customized according to different screen resolutions it may harm your website and your goodwill of business because first impression is the last impression. So also make sure your website is light weights and open up fast because if it is slow 50% of the visitors will close it and look for another source (most likely your competitor).

Always keep in mind that social media is a very powerful tool for a business these days, everybody is connected through social media so get your website engaged in a blog or a social networking website which will help you in dragging lots of customers to your website. All you need to do is make a blog attract visitors by uploading interesting new things in your blog and make sure it gets open on any platform & any screen resolution.
The world is changing so do we, gets a design flexible enough for your website to make possible changes in the future if (which is sure) need arises. But flexibility should not affect other aspects like speedy response, user friendly etc.
Give what you expect to have; this is the only way to be the leader in the sphere of your business field. Please contact us if you feel to have more info on this topic or hire us.